The Communal closes for the summer.


As private chefs and caterers, the one thing we truly miss sometimes is being able to engage and build community with our fellow epicureans outside of a private setting. Which is why we decided to start reaching out to fellow chefs to bring our vision to people on a public scale. Though still we strive to provide an intimate setting, we are offering an opportunity for those who aren’t party planners to engage in our work.


As our summer Communal series carried on, we knew this was something special. People were making friends of strangers, the room was filled with voices and laughter so loud it was all we could do to not break the glasses we were taping for attention when we had to announce each course. We honestly  couldn’t have asked for a more inspired environment from our guests. People were open minded to trying new foods that they would have never chosen from an a la carte menu. But what was most pleasing was how open each guest was with us about their impressions of the food, the wine, and the atmosphere; they felt comfortable. We have to say, because I don’t believe it can ever be said enough, that we are greatly filled with gratitude for each person who came out to support us and gave us an opportunity to express ourselves and share the message of eating well, eating local, and eating together.

We are looking forward to continuing this project when the fall harvest comes calling.


“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” -Virginia Woolf



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